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outbreakreload's Journal

Outbreak Reload
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i n f o ;

Directly after the events of Resident Evil 4.

Wesker has the plagas, the drive, and an unlimited amount of money and resources. With the resurrected Umbrella backing him, he creates a new virus. To test it out, he releases it in a section of Tokyo. People start getting sick and dying at an alarming rate. First they quarantine those who are sick, but when it keeps spreading they shut down the city completely. However, they have another problem. Those who have died start coming back to life. But they aren't like the zombies, or even the ganados. They retain some of their higher brain functions, like the ganados, and are stronger and faster than the zombies, but they're undead. Once someone is attacked - bitten or scratched by one - it's only a matter of time before they become one as well. Police are sent in to try and contain this, but they soon become a minority in a rising undead population. In an attempt to keep the few survivors alive, the ten remaining police officers split in to pairs and go out to search the city for anyone living, intending on meeting back up at the police station in three days time with whoever they have and getting the hell out of dodge. However, the super zombies and Umbrella both are conspiring to keep everyone in the city.

This is an OC - original character - RP. No canon characters from RE will show up. In fact, you don't even have to have knowledge of RE to play. All you need to know is that your character, for whatever reason, is in Tokyo during the outbreak of a deadly virus that has the newly deceased rising again and going after those still living. Their goal - to make it out of the city alive.

r u l e s ;

[x] respect your fellow player; Narking on people isn't cool. Don't do it.
[x] mary sues will be eaten for breakfast; Apps are going to be heavily critiqued, and if you character seems to be Extra Shiny And Special, you will be denied.
[x] stick to the canon; While this game is based off of a new and original circumstance, don't be making up wildly new traits for the Virus. Also, no long-lost-extra-super-secret Redfield siblings. We know that there are two of them. That's it.
[x] respect other player's choices; If you're going to do something, and it affects another person's character in any way, even if it's just if they're answering a telephone or not, ask the player of the character first. Not doing so can be constrewed as godmodding, and if you repeat the offense, you will be expelled from the game.
[x] relationships are fun; We're not going to shun any type of relationship, Het, Slash, whatever. If you can make it plausable, and it's been developed go for it. Have fun with it.
[x] cut tags are your friend; all logs are to go under a cut tag, to save people from having to scroll through mountains of text. Additionally, all NC-17 logs must be clearly marked, both in the Title of the log, and the actual entry. We don't need parents getting mad at us for smutty action.
[x] post all logs; I don't care if you JUST posted two logs, development happens in logs that aren't always readily visable in journals. There's no limit to posting logs, since we love them.

a p p l i c a t i o n ;


Name: [What can we call you? Doesn't matter if it's your real name or an internet alias, we just need something other than 'HEY, YO.']
Age: [The games are rated M for mature. We respect this rule, and unless you can act maturely, you will not be accepted~]
RP Experience: [We don't need a detailed list of every game you've ever been in and links, just let us know if you're a noob, advanced, or 'zomg i have no liiiife']
AIM: [Contact, ftw]
Email: [...honestly, Varis doesn't know why we put this here, since presumably you're emailing the damn thing to us. But eh.]


Character Name: [WHAT ARE YOU CALLING THEM~~ try not to repeat any last names or first names, unless they're related to someone or whatnot.]
History: [Their history. Birth, death, connections along the way, what has brought them to Tokyo now, or have they always been there? Make this as long or as short as you'd like]
Personality: [How do they act? Are they cold stoic loners? or bubbly loving individuals? We'd like to know!]
Apperance: [We'll be using real people for character apperance, since while we'd like to use video game characters to go with the games, it's just easier to find PBs and make it not look like an awkward mish-mash when we intergrate the game characters to the storyline, rather than having faces from a billion different mangas. So, you can describe how they look in your mind, and either provide us with a PB, or if you're having trouble coming up with one, we can see how helpful we are.]
Third or First Person RP Sample: [Just to get a feel of how you'll be writing. Please make this about the character you're applying for.]

send all applications to outbreakreload [at] let-me-live.com please include in the subject line 'Outbreak Reload Application.' The mods will get back to you as quickly as they can, so please be paitent!

c o m m u n i t i e s ;


c h a r a c t e r s ;

coming soon

c o n t a c t ;

Contact the mods;

Name: Kacee
Journal: fence
AIM: pie is canon
Email: lightninja@cowboy-blues.com

Name: Varis
Journal: orphen
AIM: Fullmetal Apple
Email: claire [at] let-me-live.com

d i s c l a i m e r ;

I don't own anything. Unless I have suddenly turned in to Capcom. In which case I would be a building with a lot of people, and not able to type. So bugger off.